The focus of Watching Product (WP) is to function as a broker for purchases and sales and process controlling. WP brings together businesspeople and companies with comparable or diverging interest to develop new markets and new target groups. WP also conducts quality control and supervises production- and operating procedures as well as commodity flows.

WP develops business concepts on an order-by-order basis and reviews externally developed business plans (bank business model assessment) with regard to feasibility and sustainability.

WP drafts contracts and supervises compliance and fulfillment. As they say "you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs" we know that disturbances may occur in business relations as well as in individual production processes. In case of atmospherics among business relations we aim to act as mediator to put back business relation on a sound and sustainable platform.

To sum up the focus of WP comprises on the following services:

+ We establish relations between     companies to expand business relations

+ We analyze planned business relations  with regard to feasibility and  sustainability

+  We support during presentation and  exploitation of distribution networks and   products

+ We draft contracts including operation    chart and mode of payments

 + We obtain product analyses

 + We organize all import- and export    shipments

 + We organize supply chains of industrial    goods and deliveries of merchandize

 + We supervise warranty and extended    warranty claims

WP offers its services especially to small and medium sized companies from Germany, German speaking countries and from Turkey.

We are happy to support you with our know how in different cultural and legal expectations.

For further information please contact us. The first meeting is free of charge.